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3 Ways To Get Yourself Onto The Unconventional Career Path

road less taken

Vincent Nguyen has, at 19 years old, provided a perfect example of the new path to a great career. The exact type of path described in Self-Made U.

I’ve been following Vincent for nearly a year now and have continually been impressed by the quality of the work he puts out – which is to say the quality of his thinking.

He knows what to do and, more importantly, he knows how to execute. Action is something we talk about over and over again at StartupBros and we get giddy when we see somebody pushing forward no matter what. Vincent is one of these people.

I’ll let him tell you the rest of the story…



Remember when getting a job was relatively easy?

You went to a good college, got great grades, and then you were on your way to a comfortable career.

Unfortunately, the script is now flipped. Everyone has a college degree, but not everyone has a job.

In fact, there are [click to continue…]

The Stress-Free Guide To Success In Business, Life, And Anything Else…

Are you drowning in a sea of stress?

I’ve got news for you – achieving success shouldn’t be a negative thing…

Seeing progress towards your goals and dreams should be energizing – invigorating!

It shouldn’t drain you or make you feel depressed.

Stress isn’t inherently generated by the tasks that you do. You and your brain create it because you’re doing something wrong.

If you associate the word ‘grind’ with your pursuit of success, then this guide could change your life…

I’ve listed these simple principles of stress-free success in (rough) order of importance.

Stress Free Success [click to continue…]

Infographic: What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur? Shocking Facts & Stats

If I tell you to picture a successful entrepreneur – what comes to mind?

Most people think of the outliers, like Zuckerberg or Musk or Jobs, because they’re the most memorable.

But they’re not what makes up the bulk of successful entrepreneurs – not by a long shot!

With every business-based Hollywood film further distorting our image of entrepreneurship, many people have lost touch…

What is takes to become a successful entrepreneur has never and will never change.

The numbers don’t lie.

Here’s a double-dose of infographic with the facts on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur - you might be surprised! [click to continue…]

How I Made $50,000 in College (and What You Can Learn Too)

It all started out when I saw many freshmen at UC Berkeley unable to get summer jobs.

I asked: How can I take advantage of people who are super smart but can’t get an internship?

I decided to create a local business consulting company. Why?


  1. I was around college kids all the time (I was in college myself).
  2. The kids wanted experience and something cool to put on their resume.
  3. I’ve always wanted my own army.
  4. I figured it was something that could be fun for the summer. [click to continue…]

Importers – Here’s The Real Reason Why You Can’t Find a Good Product

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LIVE EVENT – How You Can Build an Importing Empire!

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At least half of the questions readers send me go something like this…

“I’ve been struggling to find a product for weeks now. Can you help me? How do you find products that make you money? Why can’t I find any profitable products!?”

And MY GOD! It’s getting old…

There’s nothing I hate more than seeing a recurring question come up. That means I’ve failed to answer something.

Luckily, I finally nailed the common thread in all the frustration.

This blog post will answer “Why can’t I find a good product to import” once and for all.

I'm Going To End This Once And For All Sparta Leonidas Meme [click to continue…]