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3 Skills You Need To Succeed In The Machine Economy

moon set

This is a “moon set”, the end can be as beautiful as the beginning (and the sun’s coming back soon)

Several months ago I gave you 10 Reasons The Future Doesn’t Include Your Job. It was scary. But it was that inspiring kind of scary. Like, “Shit, I’ve got to get into gear or I’m screwed.” Since then, the problems have only gotten more real. I believe that any (recognized) problem has a solution. This post is the answer to the questions posed.

I don’t need to tell you the world is in flux – there’s a reason why you clicked that headline. You know how difficult it is to tell up from down in the world today. You see the crazies making stupid money and the people who followed the rules starving.

What used to be scarce is now abundant. What used to be valuable is now free. What used to be the middle class is now No Man’s Land.

As machines advance further into what we thought [click to continue…]

9 Lessons From Launching a Startup In 72 Hours – On a Bus…

New entrepreneurs often run into the same obstacles. They either can’t find the right people, aren’t experienced enough, or don’t have the money…

Sometimes these are valid problems, but most of the time – they’re just excuses.

I’ve realized this by participating in many business competitions and hackathons…

Events like StartupWeekend and StartupBus never fail to change lives. I’d recommend them to any aspiring entrepreneur.

I’ve just returned from my 4th trip on StartupBus, perhaps the most extreme hackathon in the world.

What is StartupBus?

StartupBus Promo

StartupBus has (rightly) been coined the ‘Navy SEALs Boot Camp of entrepreneurship’…

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Want a Website That Drives Results? Follow a Conversion-Centric Design!

Your website doesn’t need expensive graphics to drive results, but it does need conversion-centric design. There are a few must-know psychological triggers that make users take action.

Mohita Nagpal from Visual Website Optimizer (my go-to A/B testing tool) was nice enough to break down some examples of visual cues done right. These design elements are proven to convert, so make sure you use them whenever you can…



As a start-up, you can’t afford to burn cash. Every little expense you incur has to be bang for the buck. Getting a website designed or designing one yourself is a big investment and you want to make sure it is aligned with your business goal – increasing sign-ups or sales or whatever you plan to do to make money.

It’s always good to have a website that’s nice on the eye but that by itself is not enough. A beautiful design doesn’t sell by itself. The website has to subtly handhold the visitors towards your business goal. And for that, it has to have a conversion-centric design. Here’s a list of proven techniques you should keep in mind to create a website that converts:

1 - Use Directional Cues

These could be in the form of little pointers, arrows or just the simple gaze of a person. As the name suggests, these are cues directing the attention of the visitors towards the goal on that page – an empty form waiting to be filled or a call to action (CTA) button saying ‘Buy Now’. [click to continue…]

How I got 25 Successful Founders To Write My Book For Me


Lauren is launching her book today, a book that she didn’t even write. Instead, she got her mentors to do it for her. I’ve had a chance to read threw the book and it was a lot of fun. It’s a quick read and shows powerful comparisons between founders. You begin to notice that there are areas where almost all entrepreneurs think alike and (more interestingly) there are areas in which entrepreneurs think exactly opposite.

Lauren approached Will and I wanting to write a guest post. We told her our audience expects amazingly useful content. I would say she delivered. What do you think?



Are you watching your favorite mentors being interviewed and thinking why can’t I interview them?

Have you thought of writing an ebook but aren’t an experienced writer?

Well, the time has come.

It is possible for you to speak with your favorite founders, interview them and have them write your ebook for you!

This step by step guide will help you get to where you want to be.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to take a risk in business

  • Validating your idea

  • Ways to make your site look legitimate

  • Proper ways to stay organized and collect information properly

  • The best way to get contact information for successful people

  • How to write an email that will get you a response

  • The best ways to follow up


At the end of this article you will have the confidence to [click to continue…]

How To Blast Out of Obscurity

old school rocket ship

Ludvig Sunström is rising through the blogging world fast. It’s no accident. The guy executes on everything you know you should do but don’t. The scary thing – he executes the stuff  you don’t know about with the same tenacity. It’s absurd. And it’s inspiring.

The first time he reached out (you’ll see the email below) he struck a perfect balance of professionalism and being human. Anyway – he knows what he’s doing.

Will and I have used a lot the techniques he’s mentioned in building StartupBros. They work. You’ll want to bookmark this.


Are you an entrepreneur struggling with getting traction in the online world?

Are you a person who has something important to say to the world, but don’t yet know how to reach out with that message?

Fear not, friend.

It’s possible for you to blast out of online obscurity quicker than you might expect.

This is a lengthy, but practical article. I know that I would have benefited greatly if I’d read it when I first started.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn: